We Can Do More Together.

Unless you have more money than you know what to do with and you’re confident that you can identify, acquire, and profitably manage a commercial property by yourself, investing in a syndication is an excellent opportunity to put your money to work without having to do the work.

Since 1998, AGM has been actively selecting investment properties with solid potential to co-invest with our investment partners. Some of our syndications have been off-market deals that investors would never have been able to participate in otherwise.

Why Investing in a Syndication Makes Sense:

Diversification – Spread your investments across multiple assets.
Bigger “Buying” Power – Pooling your money with ours (and other investors) means we can acquire larger assets.
Tax Deferred Status – Your participation in the LLC provides tax-deferral options.
Low Exposure to Personal Liability and Credit Risk – Participating in an LLC with a sponsor adds an additional layer of protection for personal liability.
Passive Involvement – The sponsor does all the work.


To learn more, read our syndication FAQs or take a look at some of the properties AGM has syndicated.