Property Management

Property Management

You didn’t invest in commercial real estate to become a property manager.

We understand that great opportunity comes with great responsibility. The challenge of commercial property ownership is that it’s easy to become overwhelmed with managing the day-to-day operations, leaving you no time to focus on other pursuits (or time to enjoy the fruits of your labors).

Your goal is to have your property run as smoothly as possible with as little involvement as you can.

That’s where we help.

Along with brokerage and investment work, we have specialized in commercial property management since our founding in 1998. With a capable team who manages a diverse portfolio of properties – including office, medical, and retail – our mission is to improve the value of your assets, maximize the efficiency and performance of your real estate portfolio, and offload as much of the operational stress from you as possible.

Since our property management services are comprehensive, we provide you with one team to keep your building running smoothly from start to finish. Accountants and financial analysts cover your back-office functions – such as accounting, budgeting, financial modeling and reporting, and tax appeals (just to name a few) – while our property managers and operations specialists handle everything from rent collection to construction oversight to facilities management (right down to snaking drains and replacing lightbulbs).

If your property has vacancies or upcoming lease renewals, our leasing brokers can manage your lease renewals, advise and assist with lease negotiations, and help you find tenants who are a good fit – whose business type, lease rate, and lease term achieve the highest and best use of your property as possible, maximizing income and mitigating risk.

As we recognize that your needs are unique, we work with you to tailor your property management program to be specific to your goals.

Find out more about how we can make being an owner a whole lot less work.