At AGM, we invest for and with our clients. We have the unique ability to move with speed while having a broad reach and vast market knowledge to exercise our strategy. Our extensive relationships with lenders, strategic partners, and owners are combined with our core competency of asset management to achieve the best pricing for our clients at the three most critical moments of real estate ownership:


Maximizing the return many times is done at the time of the purchase.


The longest duration of any asset. While maximizing a return is often thought of at the purchase or sale; protecting and enhancing value during the hold period is of the most important elements during the life of an asset.


Many returns are available but realizing them is the challenge. Timing the sale upon the completion of the plan and during the right market is crucial and AGM has a successful track record of accomplishing this for our clients and investors.

Services provided by the Equity group include:

    Acquisition and Sale Due Diligence
    Financing & Refinancing
    Strategic Financial Planning