Pine Village KOA Campground

Project details

  • Sale Amount: $5,040,000
  • Sale Date: June 2015
  • Building Square Feet: 1,000 SF
  • Land Area: 1,306,800 SF
  • Zoning:
  • Location: Leavenworth, WA

11401 Riverbend Drive

Leavenworth, WA 98826

The Challenge:
Pine Village KOA Campground encompasses thirty acres of waterfront property along the Wenatchee River in Leavenworth, WA. For nearly three decades the campground was successfully run by one family, however, the business began to deteriorate as some key family members left the project. In their 34th year the group decided to liquidate the assets. In recent years the books were poorly kept, the park itself had significant deferred maintenance, and the business suffered from the lack of leadership in the group. Prior to any feasible sale there was considerable legwork to be done.

The AGM Solution:
AGM managed the last 4 years of the properties finances, locating the discrepancies and undergoing months of investigative accounting to insure the books were correct. The property was primed for an up-zoning and annexation into the city of Leavenworth to provide appeal as a potential development. Teamed with a consulting company who placed an onsite manager at the campground, the AGM team gained control of operations and accounting for the property. After converting the campground to a more marketable asset, the park was put up for sale.

The Outcome:
The property gained interest from several investors, large and small, across the continent. Pegged as one of the preeminently located recreational parks in the Pacific Northwest, the interest ranged from campground use to elaborate development projects along the Wenatchee River. Eventually the strongest buyer was one who would continue the park as a KOA Campground and was able to leverage their ties with KOA Corporate to close on the property.

The Client:
The family was from Washington State, and over the past four decades had made the campground into what it is today. A very popular overnight spot during all of spring & summer, even into the winter months during Leavenworth’s well known wintertime festivals. The property is full of life and will continue to be a favorite destination for families traveling to Leavenworth.

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