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Business Park Owners

AGM’s principals (as well as our investors and clients) have acquired and/or sold various business parks throughout the Puget Sound, and are always on the lookout for a new investment opportunity.

  • Perhaps you have been entertaining the idea of selling and are trying to determine when would be the best time?
  • Or maybe you’re simply curious to find out if there are changing market conditions that may impact your property’s value?
  • Are you in an area subject to rezoning?
  • Do you have vacancies taking longer to lease than you feel they should?
  • Perhaps you’re considering capital improvements but would like our opinion on what would give you the most bang for your buck

We are happy to discuss what your options are.

To receive new business park sale listings, announcements, and other information specific to business park properties, sign-up with your email address on the right side of the page. If you would like a complimentary consultation or valuation of your property, please fill out the form below, or give us a call at 425.576.8700.

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